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The back to school advice you should NOT ignore!

Children are already heading back to school, if they haven’t already!  Ever-longer school supply lists have been filled.  Pencils are sharpened, notebooks are new and waiting to be filled with interesting information.  Lunch boxes and backpacks are purchased, shoes are polished, and everyone is ready, right?

Maybe not. 

children board school busParents need to consider whether or not they can be immediately reached in the event their child becomes ill, or is in an accident.   While schools have this information “on file in the office”, it may take precious time to locate it.  And although the school or day care may have the information readily available, what would happen if your child becomes ill or injured on the way to or from school, or off the school premises?  What if the bus is in an accident?  What if the child goes missing while walking home?

Although you may have carefully taught your child your telephone number, children might be too young to remember telephone numbers, or may not remember phone numbers when in a stressful situation if they are upset or crying. This is especially true if you have multiple contact numbers, such as mobile, home, and work. And if one parent cannot be reached, can the child remember more phone numbers for another parent or emergency contact?  In an accident or if unconscious, the child may not be able to speak at all. 

Don't rely on someone to find your information in your child's cell phone - many phones have screen locks or may be lost, inaccessible, or broken in an emergency. And of course, many schools don’t allow the child to have a cell phone while school is in session.

Emergency rooms are not allowed to treat minor children for anything other than life threatening accidents or illnesses without permission from the parents.  Without written emergency contact information it can take hours to locate the parents.  If the child and the parents don’t have the same last name, locating the parents becomes even more difficult.

A terrific addition to the school or daycare office file is an In Case of Emergency (ICE) card or tags.  The tags can even be hung on a child’s backpack, lunch box, bicycle, gym bag, and many other places.  Not only is this a great idea for school children, but also for children in daycare, before or after school care, and sports.

child backpack

At ICE gear, we offer high quality, permanently printed, personalized "In Case of Emergency" contact cards and tags at a very reasonable price. There is room on the card for up to 8 telephone numbers, on the tags for up to 4 contact numbers.  With a personalized ICE card or ICE tags, teachers, first-responders, team coaches, or good Samaritans will be able to contact you at once.

Take advantage of our back to school special now!  All orders between now and September 30th, 2016 can enjoy a 20% discount simply by entering “BACK2SCHOOL” during checkout.  Protect your child, order your ICE gear today!  It affords a lot of peace of mind at a very small price.


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