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After purchase you will be able to enter the information you want printed on your card and tags via our online customization form. You can save your form and come back to it later on if you need to get additional information.

Yes! We ship everywhere in the world.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay. These payment methods are all accepted through Shopify, the leader in eCommerce solutions for over 500,000 merchants and over $40 billion in sales. Shopify uses industry standard 256-bit encryption technology, the same level of encryption used by large banks.

We get this question a lot, even from our own friends and family.

The answer is short and simple - in an emergency, time and information is critical. Those who come to you or your loved one's aid need information fast, especially if you have medical conditions, allergies, or take medications. In a serious emergency, you will not be able to speak so you need something that can speak for you - an ICE card and ICE tags.

If your husband, wife, father, mother, son, or daughter, were in a car accident, how would the paramedics know about their medical conditions? Would they sit in a hospital for hours without you being contacted? This happens, all the time. That is exactly why AAA®, the American Red Cross®, and medical professionals recommend carrying ICE information at all times. It could save you or a loved one's life.

For our long answer, view our page Why Carry ICE gear?

Our cards and tags are specifically designed to be durable, highly-visible, and to list the information that would likely be important in an emergency. A piece of paper can wear over time, and can be hard to find (especially if you saw my wallet!). Our ICE cards and tags are bright red, and immediatley grab your attention. If you are concerned with your information changing, no worries - we provide one free lifetime revision for each card or set of tags that your buy.

Although this is a great idea, it is not nearly enough. In an emergency situation, the first-responders who come to your aid do not have time to mess around searching in your phone for your ICE contacts, or for your ICE information. Most phones today are also locked (mine is!).

More than likely if you are in a serious accident, your phone has probably been broken or is lost.

Driver's licenses and state IDs only contain basic information, such as your name, address, birth date, height, and weight. They do not contain important information that may be needed in an emergency: emergency contact names and phone numbers, medical conditions, allergies, medications, and other important information. Time and info is critical in emergency situations and this information may be needed by first-responders or others who may come to your aid.

We offer one free lifetime revision for each card and set of tags that you purchase. Visit our Revision Request page for details and to request any revisions.

We recommend keeping your ICE card as close to your driver's license as possible. This is usually the first place first-responders or others will look to get your information. Our ICE cards have "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" visible from both horizontal and vertical positions, and are big and bold.

We recommend keeping your ICE tags on anything that travels with you, that can complement the ICE card:

  • car keys
  • motorcycle, boat, ATV, jet-ski, snowmobile, work, or other keys
  • luggage, gym bags, or other bags
  • strollers, baby carriers
  • dog crates

The cards are the exact same size as your driver's license. It will fit in any slot that will hold a credit card. They can be positioned horizontally or vertically with the "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" still visible.

The tags are the same size as your other loyalty grocery, gas, and gym tags (approx. 3" x 1" - imagine a credit card cut in half the long-way). They have a hole on one end so that you can attach them to nearly anything.

Your information is kept completely private. We do not sell or share any of your information, to anyone, ever. View our policies and terms here.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend not listing any sensitive or financial information on your cards/tags. This can include but is not limited to: Social Security numbers, account numbers, passwords, PINs, or where you have accounts.

Your payment information is never retained by us and is securely transmitted using encryption technology through Shopify, PayPal, or Amazon - depending on which payment method you choose.

ICE card:

  • Card Owner's Name: 20 characters
  • Contact Names (4 contacts): 20 characters
  • Contact Number/Description (2 for each contact): 20 characters
  • Medical Conditions: 3 lines of 30 characters on EACH LINE
  • Allergies: 3 lines of 30 characters on EACH LINE
  • Medications: 3 lines of 30 characters on EACH LINE
  • Other Info: 3 lines of 30 characters on EACH LINE

ICE tags:

    • Tag Owner's Name: 20 characters
    • Contact Names (2 contacts): 20 characters
    • Contact Number/Description (2 for each contact): 20 characters
    • Other Info: 2 lines of 30 characters EACH LINE

    Your order will be printed within 2 business days of submitting your information. We will then send your order via USPS First Class mail, (if you live in the US, it will include tracking). Depending on where you live, you should receive it within 3-5 days.

    When listing your emergency contacts, you should list those who would be needed to answer questions about your health, or to make decisions about your care. You should also take into consideration who is most likely to be able to answer their phone. When listing medical conditions, allergies, medical conditions, and other info, you should consult with your doctor who can recommend what is most important to list for your individual situation in an emergency. Consulting with your doctor about this is part of our Terms and Conditions.

    There is limited space on a card, and the font has to be large enough to read. So, certain things were purposefully left off, such as address, height, weight, and date of birth because these are usually irrelevant in an emergency and can be found on your ID. If you would like to add blood type or any information you think we have missed, there is room in the "Other Information" sections which can also be used for overflow.

    We recommend that anyone who has pets at home list this on your ICE card and tags. If something happens to you, it could be days before anyone is aware of or reminded of your pets. A great place to put this is in the "Other Information" section of the cards and tags, for example, "dogs at home, call Tom".

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